Quicktemp Cosmetic

Cosmetic temporaries with the strength and aesthetics of permanent restorations Quicktemp Cosmetic employs new and innovative resin and filler technology, which combine with nano-particles to produce beautiful temporary restorations that fit perfectly and are durable in the mouth. Add to this improved fluorescing agents and Quicktemp Cosmetic is born - providing beautiful, natural temporaries that are also tougher and last for longer. Improved Physical Properties Beauty is not complete without strength and Quicktemp Cosmetic’s enhanced physical properties explain why it is stronger, more resistant to breaking and with improved initial hardness. Quicktemp Cosmetic’s beauty lasts longer providing aesthetics and function in a temporary restoration.
HB0 Bleach
A1 Light
A2 Universal
A3.5 Dark
CONTENTS: Single Shade Pack: 1 cartridge of 76g & 16 mixing tips.