Ceramic Liquids

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 8ml15ml60ml200ml1 Litre
Matchmaker Opaque Liquids for MC/LF
Matchmaker Opaque Liquid for MC/LF Used for mixing with Matchmaker MC Opaque Porcelains.
Matchmaker Modelling Liquid for MC/LF/ALX/Zr
Suitable for all cases including those where increased working time is required.
Matchmaker Dentine Liquid for MC
MC Dentine Liquid is suitable for condensing techniques. Ideal for ceramists who like to build up wet.
Matchmaker Dentine Plus Liquid for MC/LF
MC Dentine Plus Liquid has excellent modelling properties.
Matchmaker Shoulder Liquid for MC/LF/ALX/Zr

Recommended for use with all Matchmaker shoulder powders, Matchmaker Shoulder Liquid has good stability and low shrinkage.

Matchmaker Glaze & Stain Liquid
Recommended for use with Matchmaker MC/LF/ALX/Zr glaze powders, Classic, Living and CTE Stains.
enliven MC Regeneration Liquid
enliven MC Paste Stain Liquid
enliven MC Dentine Liquid
enliven MC Glaze & Stain Liquid
enliven MC Modelling Liquid