Direct Debit

Schottlander offers its customers the facility to settle their account by variable direct debit. This is a very efficient means of payment compared with payment by cheque with the benefit of the following advantages:

  • Removes the need for cheques to be raised saving on administration, time and postage. 
  • Your payment is safe. - Cheques can be, and frequently are, lost in the post. Cancellation and re-issue if a new cheque incurs both bank charges and further postage costs.
  • Direct debit payments are guaranteed against error. - Should an error occur, your bank will immediately refund the amount concerned.
  • A direct debit mandate can be cancelled at any time. - Simply advise us and your bank of your wishes.
  • You remain in control.

 We shall continue to send you a monthly statement and you will be given 14 days to advise us of any errors. If everything is in order we would then debit your bank account on the 25th of the month (or the next working day following the 25th) with the sum shown on the statement.

If you feel that this method of payment would suit you please complete the direct debit instruction and return to:

Accounts Department
Davis Schottlander & Davis Ltd
Fifth Avenue, Letchworth Garden City
Herts SG6 2WD