Single Use Device Information

Factors that could pose a risk if a single-use device were to be reused

Single-use devices typically contain difficult-to-access areas or surfaces that prevent complete cleaning and permit blood, tissue or other bodily fluids to contaminate the reprocessed device, allowing potential transmission of viral and bacterial infections if they were to be re-used. They may also be used for a particular application where the risk of cross infection, or the possible consequence thereof, is higher than normal.

 New plastics and other materials make it possible for companies to build intricate - and sometimes delicate -  specialised devices that may be particularly effective in treating patients.  Single-use devices can therefore malfunction during reuse, due to e.g. distortion from heat treatment during sterilisation, lack of compatibility with the material used, or due to breakage.

Davis Schottlander & Davis Limited does not recommend that any device marked with SUD/Single use symbol be reused, even after reprocessing by a certified reprocessor. This includes using the same device for the same patient on separate occasions.