All Ceramic Adjustment Bur Kit

Schottlander All Ceramic Adjustment Burs are designed for use on porcelain, alumina, zirconia and natural enamel. Do not use the burs on any other material.

  • Special shape of diamonds - all diamonds have shapes that every diamond is similar to the other
  • Special patented mix of grits - to achieve a more homogeneous surface
  • Unique plating method - allows better bonding of the diamonds to the metal

Designed to not generate heat, the homogeneous surface is more efficient and thereby keeping it cool

  • Reduce the risk of microfracture - as a result of low heat generation
  • Leave a smooth surface
  • Cuts most zirconia copings in less than a minute

Intended Applications:
   All regions. A universal bur for adjusting occlusal surfaces and marginal ridges.
087-2:   Anterior & posterior. Cingulum and palatal/lingual adjustments. Reshaping buccal contours.
087-3:   All regions. Adjustment of large areas with low curvature such as labial surfaces or axial walls. Bur for zirconia ceramic crown removal.
087-4:   Fine bur for precision adjustment of occlusal surfaces, fissues and contours.
087-11: Flame shaped polisher for initial polishing at the adjusted ceramic surface. Use at 7000 - 12,000 rpm.
087-10: Flame shaped polisher for final polishing at the adjusted ceramic surface. Use at 7000 - 12,000 rpm.

Bur kit contains 4 burs and 2 polishers.
Individual packs contain 2 of a type.






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