Pegasus Pourable Cold Cure Denture Base

Amine-free self-curing acrylic for the production of precision cast dentures, relines and repairs. Long term colour stability for all repair, pour and injection techniques. The unique polymer science used in Pegasus Pourable Cold Cure Denture Base brings state-of-the-art performance to pourable acrylics.
  • Complete colour stability through the advanced accelerator system. 
  • Easy to mix with a perfect consistency. Mixing time only 30 seconds. Separation eliminated because of the unique polymer molecular structure. 
  • With a working time of 10 minutes the dental technician has plenty of time to undertake several jobs in the one batch. 
  • Superior pour characteristics prevent air entrapment. Complete filling, even of hydrocolloid moulds, eliminates surface imperfections. 
  • Full 3 minutes pouring phase enables complete flexibility of production.
  • Viscous mouldable phase between 4 and 8 minutes permits repairs and relines using overcasts or jigs to be carried out with ease. Short cure time of 10 minutes enhances productivity. 
  • Superfine polymer facilitates fast trimming and polishes to a dense, high gloss, finish.
  • Outstanding fit and an excellent bond to denture teeth. 
  • Available in the three popular Schottlander cosmetic shades Pink Veined, Translucent Veined and Pink. 
  • Pegasus Pourable Cold Cure Denture Base physical properties conform to or exceed the international standard EN ISO 20795-1 for Type 2 Class 2 denture base acrylics.
Powder Pink 1kg
Powder PV 1kg
Powder TV 1kg
Liquid 500ml
Economy Pack Pink
Economy Pack PV
Economy Pack TV
CONTENTS: Single (Powder): 1kg. Single (Liquid): 500ml. Economy Pack: 1kg powder, 500ml liquid & measuring set.