Pegasus Plus Repair Acrylic

For reliable repairs with simple techniques and perfectly matched to Schottlander’s popular cosmetic denture base shades.
  • An exact shade match with Enigma High-Base, Pegasus Plus and Pegasus Pourable Cold Cure. 
  • Available in Clear and the three Schottlander cosmetic shades Pink Veined, Translucent Veined and Pink. 
  • Pegasus Plus Repair is quick and easy to use with excellent flow characteristics and easy incorporation of powder into the liquid to minimise air entrapment. 
  • Superfine particle size enables polishing and finishing to be carried out easily to a high gloss finish. 
  • Durable with cross linked polymer to enhance the strength of the repair. 
  • Outstanding bond strength to the existing acrylic even when the denture is old. 
  • May also be used for additions and relines.
CONTENTS: Single (Powder): 500g & 3kg. Single (Liquid): 200ml,1 litre & 2.5 litres.
Powder Clear 500g
Powder Pink 500g
Powder TV 500g
Powder PV 500g
Powder Clear 3kg
Powder Pink 3kg
Powder TV 3kg
Powder PV 3kg
Liquid 200ml
Liquid 1 litre
Liquid 2.5 litres
CONTENTS: Single (Powder): 500g & 3kg. Single (Liquid): 200ml,1 litre & 2.5 litres.