Enigma High Base

High Impact Denture Base - a true high impact acrylic.
Excellent flexural strength alongside impact strength (to reduce risk of breakage in the mouth).
  • A true high impact acrylic that is reinforced with styrene-butadiene rubber particles for higher impact resistance. Any risk of breakage is virtually eliminated. 
  • High bond strength to acrylic teeth when compared to competitor products. 
  • Enigma High-Base possesses excellent flow and packing characteristics. It remains at a workable consistency throughout its working time, even at varying temperatures, so enabling multiple packing to take place. 
  • Smooth formulation.
  • Easy to polish to give a lasting sheen. 
  • Available in the two popular Schottlander cosmetic shades, Pink Veined and Translucent Veined matched to Pegasus Plus Repair Acrylic and Pegasus Pourable Cold Cure Denture Base. 
  • Enigma High-Base physical properties conform to or exceed the international standards such as EN ISO 20795-1 for Type 1 Class 1 heat cure denture acrylics.
Powder TV 500g
Powder PV 500g
Powder TV 3kg
Powder PV 3kg
Liquid 250ml
Liquid 1 Litre
Liquid 2.5 litres
Liquid 5 litres
Standard Pack PV
Standard Pack TV
Single (Powder): 500g and 3kg
Single (Liquid): 250ml, 1 litre, 2.5 litres & 5 litres
Standard Pack: 500g powder, 250ml liquid & measuring set