Doric Definition High Definition Wash

Impressions seen in high definition
Doric Definition is a completely new product designed with a simple objective - to help you take more precise impressions with better defined margins. When you use Doric Definition for the first time, the contrast with the older generation of impression materials is immediately visible. You and your technician will clearly see the difference in the definition and fit round the margins.
With Doric High Definition Wash you will immediately see the intense contrast between the rich green of the putty and the bright yellow of the wash, making it easier for both you and your technician to inspect and interpret the impression. However the colour contrast is just the beginning as the density of the wash material will show up even in thin sections. 
Economy Pack: 8 cartridges of 50ml each, 48 each mixing & intraoral tips.
Single Pack: 2 cartridges of 50ml each, 12 each mixing & intraoral tips.