Fidelity 25 Alginate

The micro-structured alginate that gives cleaner, sharper, more elastic impressions with a remarkable 25 micron detailed reproduction.

Thanks to the micro-structure of Fidelity 25 you can now get detail as sharp as reproduction of a 25 micron line at a price no more than that of an ordinary alginate.

Fidelity 25 has increased alginate content and improved shape fillers. You will notice the difference when you start using Fidelity 25.

Mixing is complete in just 30 seconds and the dust free composition makes the whole process crisp & clean. You have perfect stability during the 45 second loading and working period, followed by a rapid one minute snap set.

CONTENTS: Saver Pack: 20 bags of 500g each Economy Pack: 4 bags of 500g each.