Erkoform-3D motion

Rapid vacuum thermoforming unit with fully automated thermoforming process

  • The thermoforming process and cooling time run automatically until complete.
  • Easy operation, Erkodent material heating and cooling times pre-programmed.
  • Custom programs easily added.
  • Touchless patented temperature sensor for accurate determination of the actual material temperature with no preheating
  • Instant vacuum build-up before thermoforming.
  • Perpendicular pre-stretching and forming produces even foil thicknesses with more space for higher models.
  • Complete with granules and materials trial pack.
  • Compatible with the Occluform 3.

Technical data: 
H 31.5cm/W 35cm/D 37cm
Weight 13.9kg
Operating voltage ~220 - 240 (100, 110 - 120) volt,
50 - 60 hertz
Wattage: 340 watt
Max. vacuum 0.8 bar
Noise level: <60 dB(A)