Burs & Drills

Fissure Bur
Cuts in a clockwise direction, so material being trimmed travels away from the handpiece to prevent clumping. Used for rough cutting of hard materials. Contents 2 pieces.

Tri-Cutter Fissure Bur Square
Square fissure bur made of steel. For rough cutting out of hard thermoforming blanks. Contents 3 pieces.

Twist Drill HSS Ø 1.0 mm
HSS-twist drill for more precise contours. For hard and semi-hard splints, for example made out of Erkodur or Erkolen. Contents 3 pieces.

Tungsten Carbide Bur - conical
Fine crosscut conical tungsten carbide bur allows the quick grinding of small and large radius on all thermoforming materials. Contents 1 piece.

Tungsten Carbide Bur - pear shaped
Crosscut pear-shaped tungsten carbide bur to grind occlusal splints. Contents 1 piece.

Fissure Bur
Tri-Cutter Fissure Bur Square
Twist Drill HSS 1mm
Tungsten Conical
Tungsten Pear