RaCe Original Introductory Kits

Reduced risk of breakage, better shaped canals and fewer instruments needed. Many canals only require the first three instruments in the series. The last two are for narrow, curved or sclerosed canals. Original RaCe - protocol as developed by Dr Chris Stock Using the original technique developed by Dr Chris Stock this protocol has proved its reliability for over five years. The first two files in the protocol open up the coronal portion to give a clear access path. Then using an apical size of 25 the taper is gently increased from .02 through .04 to .06, and provides an extremely forgiving technique.

  • Coronal portion opened up to give clear sight and easy access. 
  • Gentle increase in taper from .02 to .06 enables even those new to rotaries to achieve success from day one. 
  • “Screw-in effect” experienced with other instruments is avoided. 
  • Introductory kits contain complete NiTi sequence for canals with moderate curvature. 
  • Wide range of ancillary instruments to enable even the most difficult canals to be instrumented.
CONTENTS: 5 Instruments per pack .10 40, .08 35, .06 25, .04 25 & .02 25.