RaCe 123 Rotary Single Patient Kit

Because RaCe instruments are sharper, more flexible and less likely to bind in the canal than competitor instruments they can be supplied to suit your preferred method of working. There are three main instrument sequences being RaCe 123, RaCe Original and BioRaCe plus an extended range of additional instruments both in kits as well as individual sizes: NEW Single Patient Kits The simple technique using only three rotary NiTi files saves both on time and cost and comes as a single patient kit. Packed together with steel K-files sizes 10, 15 and 20 it provides a complete kit with all the instruments you need for a single patient.

  • Simple technique.
  • Lesser number of instruments required. 
  • “Screw-in effect” experienced with other instruments is avoided. 
  • Preparation to size #35 at apex to aid more complete irrigation (most systems only go up to size #25). 
  • Complete patient kit. 
Buy 10 or more kits for only £27.95 each
Buy 50 or more kits for only £26.95 each

CONTENTS: 6 Instruments per pack RaCe NiTi T1, T2 & T3 Hand Steel K-Files .02 #10, #15 & #20.