BioRaCe Instruments in individual sizes

The BioRaCe technique was developed by Drs Gilberto Debellian and Martin Trope to fulfil the biological requirement for successful endodontics. It increases endodontic success rates by achieving apical preparation sizes that are scientifically proven to enable effective and safe disinfection of the canal.

  • Apical preparation sizes follow the average for the canal concerned. 
  • Protocols and standard kits for achieving apical widths up to size 60 when required. 
  • Protocols and kits for instrumenting canals with severe apical curvature. 
  • Instruments only cut along a pre-determined section of their cutting length. 
  • “Screw-in effect” experienced with other instruments is avoided.
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BR0 .08 25£59.95
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BR3 .06 25£55.95
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BR5 .04 40£55.95
BR4C .02 35£55.95
BR5C .02 40£55.95
BR6 .04 50£55.95
BR7 .02 60£55.95

CONTENTS: 6 Instruments of a type per pack.