Doric Definition Super Soft Putty

Impressions seen in high definition
Doric Definition is a completely new product designed with a simple objective - to help you take more precise impressions with better defined margins. When you use Doric Definition for the first time, the contrast with the older generation of impression materials is immediately visible. You and your technician will clearly see the difference in the definition and fit round the margins.
Doric Definition Super Soft Putty is a true super soft putty yet is not sticky. In fact it is as soft as is possible under ISO 4823 whilst still being definable as a putty. The advantages of this super soft formulation are twofold:

  •  Gingival tissue not displaced so avoiding interference with the flow of the wash material.
  •  Easier and faster to mix till completely homogenous and so can be loaded into the tray faster.

Doric Definition Super Soft Putty and High Definition Wash are suitable for both the single-stage impression technique as well as the 2-stage impression technique. When using a 2-stage impression technique the use of the Doric Separator Wafer is recommended over the putty, then removed, to ensure adequate space for the light-bodied material.

Economy Pack: 6 base, 6 catalyst, spoons.
Single Pack: 1 base, 1 catalyst, 2 spoons.