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enliven MC Paste Opaques

enliven MC Paste Opaques

Brighter smiles made easy

Cleaner, brighter Paste Opaques
The new enliven Paste Opaques have cleaner, brighter and truer shades as well as greater framework covering power. They are particularly designed to mask the grey hue of non-precious alloys. Supplied in 4g tubs there are sixteen shades (BL2 and BL3 use Opaque B1) and a pink for under gingival shades. 

enliven MC PO Kit£299.00-+
A1 4g£19.95-+
A2 4g£19.95-+
A3 4g£19.95-+
A3.5 4g£19.95-+
A4 4g£19.95-+
B1 4g£19.95-+
B2 4g£19.95-+
B3 4g£19.95-+
B4 4g£19.95-+
C1 4g£19.95-+
C2 4g£19.95-+
C3 4g£19.95-+
C4 4g£19.95-+
D2 4g£19.95-+
D3 4g£19.95-+
D4 4g£19.95-+
Pink 4g£19.95-+
Regeneration Liquid 15ml£6.95-+

CONTENTS:enliven MC PO Kit contains: 16 x 4g shades (A1 to D4), Regeneration Liquid 15ml, Paste Opaque Brush and user manual.

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