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enliven MC Liquids

enliven MC Liquids

Brighter smiles made easy

enliven dentine liquid is used for build-up of all powders within the system. It gives an ideal combination of control whilst modelling and easy drying.

enliven Paste Stain Liquid is used to turn the enliven powder stains into a paste consistency,

enliven Glaze & Stain Liquid is used both with Glaze Powder and with enliven Stains when used in the more fluid powder stain consistency.

enliven MC Regeneration Liquid is used to regenerate paste opaque that may have dried in the tubs over time.

Dentine Liquid 60ml£6.75-+
Dentine Liquid 200ml£16.50-+
Glaze & Stain Liquid 15ml£5.25-+
Glaze & Stain Liquid 60ml£15.50-+
Regeneration Lquid 15ml£6.95-+
Paste Stain Liquid 8ml£9.95-+
MC Modelling Liquid 60ml£6.75-+
MC Modelling Liquid 200ml£16.50-+

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