Enigmalife Patient Literature

The enigmalife patient information leaflet is designed to be read by the denture patient to inform them of the benefits of choosing a denture made with enigmalife denture teeth.

For use as "Point of Sale" material in the patient waiting room or by the clinician at the initial consultation appointment the leaflet can be taken home by the patient to read in comfort.

This four page brochure is a discreet size that does not advertise that the patient is a denture wearer and the information inside guides the patient choice through an explanation of the features and benefits of choosing enigmalife. The enigmalife patient information leaflet is an effective tool for promoting and generating demand from the end user, the denture wearer.

A printed high quality point of sale dispenser is also available for the patient information leaflet. 
Pack of 30
Dispenser & 2 packs of 30