Doric Easy Heavy 380ml Cartridge

In our opinion, the best crown, bridge and implant impression system there is Doric Easy Heavy is specifically designed for use in the heavy/light technique. Its applications include crown and bridge impressions where absolute accuracy and detail are required, implant cases and where soft tissue management is difficult. It is suitable for use in close fitting stock or special trays. Doric Easy Heavy uses “the science of shear” to provide a material which gives support for the light material in the tray and yet can be expressed out of the mixer nozzle and will not displace the gingival tissue. It is used in conjunction with Doric Flo-Light. Because Doric Easy Heavy is mixed automatically, impressions are air free and remakes are virtually a thing of the past. Doric Easy Heavy gives ample working time together with a reliable snap set.
CONTENTS: Single Pack: 1 cartridge of 380ml and 10 mixing tips.