Erkoloc-Pro Transparent

Transparent with insulating foil

Double layer material with high wearing comfort, hard side: co-polyester (PETG),  soft side: polyurethane (TPU), with insulating foil for the fabrication of occlusal splints, bleaching trays,  fluoride trays, bruxism splints,  medication trays, Michigan splints,  Miniplast splints, Silensor-sl, 
correction splints and retainers.

Durable resistant hard/soft double layer splint. The hard layer combines to auto acrylics (Resilit-S).

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1.0mm / Pack 20£82.75
1.3mm / Pack 20£87.45
2.0mm / Pack 10£47.45
2.0mm / Pack 50£183.00
3.0mm / Pack 10£56.25
3.0mm / Pack 50£218.40
3.0mm / Pack 500£1,690.00
4.0mm / Pack 10£71.35
4.0mm / Pack 50£259.50
5.0mm / Pack 10£78.25