XP-Endo Shaper

3D preparation and cleaning from a single rotary file

Prepares to the shape of the canal not to the shape of the instrument.

The XP-endo Shaper is the latest addition to the XP-endo® range. It is a truly innovative broad spectrum shaping instrument which can be used to radically simplify endodontic sequences. It results from the combination of two cutting-edge technologies:

  • Made with MaxWire® alloy, like the XP-endo Finisher, it offers remarkable flexibility and fatigue resistance, and the ability to progress within the canals with ease and agility, expanding or contracting according to the canal morphology. With an initial taper of .01, the XP-endo Shaper expands once inside the canal, achieving a taper of at least .04.
  • Thanks to the Booster Tip (BT), the XP-endo Shaper benefits from a unique geometry, having six cutting edges at the tip. The BT tip respects the trajectory of the canal, whilst removing more material with each pass. It enables the instrument to start shaping an ISO diameter smaller than the one of the instrument. Used with the XP-endo Shaper, the BT tip enables it to start shaping after a glide path of at least ISO 15, and to gradually increase its preparation size to achieve an ISO 30.

Thanks to this unique instrument, treatment is easier to perform, treatment time is shorter, the risk of errors and incidents are radically reduced and the root structure is preserved. Shaping becomes a simple, safe and quick process.

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