enliven MC Universal Stains

Brighter smiles made easy

Within the system there is a range of enliven universal stains which are not just used with metal ceramic but with zirconia and titanium ceramic as well. These stains are supplied as powders but, depending on the liquid chosen, can be used as either powder or paste stains as required. To use the material as a paste stain just mix with the paste stain liquid in the kit and keep the material in a covered mixing well for further user later. No longer do you need to buy paste stains and then dispose of the less frequently used colours because they have gone out of shelf life.

Thinner crowns make happier patients
The space available clinically is often less than what is needed by the laboratory. enliven MC is the first metal ceramic to have been developed to be aesthetic, bright and beautiful even with only 0.6mm ceramic thickness (slightly more would of course be better). Thicker preparations are also no problem. The specially developed enamels take care of this.

The enliven MC “depth effect”
Look at an enliven MC crown and you will see that it appears to have depth even when space is limited. How can this be possible?  Building in translucency whilst maintaining both shade and value makes a real difference to the patient. It was one of the toughest challenges to solve in the whole of the development process

Unifire technology
Laboratory work cycles have been simplified. No more waiting for an empty furnace. With enliven MC, after the opaque firings, all firing cycles are the same increasing laboratory productivity. Work simplification increases productivity and after all nobody likes to queue, even for a furnace.

Reducing the kit size
The enliven MC is remarkably concise with only 33 powders in the kit. All the powders you need but just less of them. After all, how many powders in a traditional kit never get used from one year to another?

Simplifying the shoulder technique
It is no longer necessary to build up shoulders in the traditional way with multiple powders. Designed for today’s less invasive preparations and reduced shoulder sizes the enliven MC system requires just two shoulder powders.  The first, enliven Shoulder Opaque Margin, is for a bead to mask the edge where the coping meets the margin. The second, enliven Shoulder Stabiliser is mixed one part to four with the required dentine shade and fired on the same cycle, adding stability to the margin. 

enliven Universal Stain Kit
1 White 2.5g
2 Yellow 2.5g
3 Peach 2.5g
4 Orange Brown 2.5g
5 Dark Brown 2.5g
6 Light Pink 2.5g
7 Blue 2.5g
8 Grey 2.5g
9 Dark Pink 2.5g
10 Blue 2.5g
11 Violet 2.5g
A 2.5g
B 2.5g
C 2.5g
D 2.5g
Paste Stain Liquid 8ml
Glaze & Stain Liquid 15ml
CONTENTS: enliven MC Universal Stain Kit contains: 15 x 2.5g in each shade, Paste Stain Liquid 8ml, Glaze & Stain Liquid 15ml and user manual.