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Dealer Download Centre Terms and Conditions


  • All images and logos in the Schottlander Dealer Download Centre are protected by copyright and/or trademark law.
  • Schottlander permits the use, publishing or reproduction of these materials exclusively by Schottlander Dealers for their advertising, marketing and presentation activities in print and digital media in connection with the sales of Schottlander products. The use of these materials does not entitle the user to act as a legal representative or agent of Schottlander. The materials must be used in their original condition as found on the database and must not be altered or used in combination with any other trademarks or logos. Pictures used must contain the source reference: "Photo: Schottlander". We must always be referred to as 'Schottlander’; and not as 'Schottlander Ltd' or 'Davis Schottlander and Davis'. Logos must not be used in such a way that the advertising is attributed to Schottlander.
  •  The type of use specified in 2 is free of charge and does not require specific permission for each use. Any use that goes beyond this is not permitted, unless Schottlander has provided written permission.
  • The use of pictures and logos in commercial publishing products for the purpose of editorial coverage is permitted, provided that the use of the photos entirely conforms to the type of use specified in section 2 and that the source reference is indicated.
  • Schottlander reserves the right to revoke the right of use for any reason, in which case the user undertakes to refrain from using the materials, pictures or logos in question with immediate effect. Claims for damages on the part of the user are excluded.
  • In case of violation of the conditions set forth in this agreement, Schottlander may require the user to recall, retract, rectify or completely refrain from distributing any materials that feature the pictures or logos at his/her expense. Furthermore Schottlander reserves the right to claim compensation for damages.
  • The data available in the Schottlander Dealer Download Centre have been prepared to the best of our knowledge. Schottlander, however, shall not be held liable for errors in these data and system errors resulting from such errors. Furthermore, Schottlander shall not be held liable if rights of third parties are violated by the use of these materials, pictures and logos.
  • These Terms of Use and this database shall be governed by and construed in accordance with UK law.