Matchmaker Zirconia Ceramic
Matchmaker Zirconia Ceramic

Matchmaker Zr has been specially developed for layering on top of zirconium bridges and copings*. Coefficient of expansion, shades and light handling properties have been carefully developed to give superb results over the whole range of such frameworks. The dentine fires at 810ºC and shows remarkable vitality and colour veracity in the whole of the shade range A1 to D4 and the latest bleach shades HA0, HB0 and HB00.

On it’s own, a zirconia framework looks dense and opaque, whilst the resulting crown or bridge looks fantastic. This is the beauty of the internal translucency of Matchmaker Zr layering ceramics as they work in perfect unity with the underlying framework, turning the density of the sub-structure into the beauty of the restoration.

Within the range there is the full complement of the sixteen standard dentine shades plus bleach shades. Zirconia is optically bright. Special liners are provided with Matchmaker that mask this optical brightness and improve the veracity of the shades themselves. Matchmaker Zr has an additional neck dentine for use interstitially and to mask the outline of the framework. The range of shoulder materials harmonise with the sixteen standard shades.

Natural teeth are made up from soft and subtle colours. These translucent colours are found not just incisally but cervically as well. Use Matchmaker Zr Colour Translucents to reproduce them. Their power comes when they are laid alongside the complementary colours. Apply the Opacious Dentine, Gingival, Opalescent and Fluorescent shades to put the power into your hands that reproduces nature and creates lasting beauty.

* Matchmaker Zr is unsuitable for aluminium oxide copings.

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