Erkodur 0M1, A1, A2, A3

Tooth-coloured, tough thermoforming material, co-polyester (PETG), with insulating foil for the fabrication of occlusal splints, bruxism splints, cos-metic splints, stabilisation splints, temporary appliances and Silensor-sl.

Bonds to acrylate (Resilit-S), with acrylic for temporary appliances only use with PV-Primer.



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Foil(mm)/Pack Qty120mm125mm125x125mmPrice
0M1: 0.6mm/Pack 20£48.95
0M1: 1.0mm/Pack 20£64.75
0M1: 2.0mm/Pack 10£64.75
A1: 0.6mm/Pack 20£48.95
A1: 1.0mm/Pack 20£64.75
A1: 2.0mm/Pack 10£64.75
A2: 0.6mm/Pack 20£48.95
A2: 1.0mm/Pack 20£64.75
A2: 2.0mm/Pack 10£64.75
A3: 0.6mm/Pack 20£48.95
A3: 1.0mm/Pack 20£64.75
A3: 2.0mm/Pack 10£64.75