Fidelity - Crown & Bridge Alloys

The Fidelity range of alloys have been developed to give high and reproducable physical properties when fabricating dental crowns and bridges. Their quality is assured by the care and control which goes into the development and manufacture of every alloy in the range. Whereas less sophisticated manufacturing systems melt and anneal in air, equipment used to melt and anneal Matchmate alloys select either a vacuum or the optimum environment required. In this way dissolved gasses and impurities are reduced, grain sizes can be refined and boundaries can be controlled. In addition Fidelity alloys are supported by our own teaching and technical laboratory whose services are available to our customers when required. The Schottlander service gives you the very finest alloys combined with the security of the best technical expertise. The Fidelity range of crown and bridge alloys is for all metal crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, posts, cores and for substructures for acrylic and composite veneers. A wide range of alloys is provided from Fidelity G60 which is 60% gold through to Matchmate NP 2 and Fidelity White which is a silver palladium alloy. Each alloy has a designated solder for use when required. Conforms to EN ISO 8891:1995

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