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A unique two day hands-on course suitable for Dentists, current and 
prospective CDT’s with 15 hours verifiable CPD

2019 Dates:
19th & 20th September - Fully booked

2020 Dates:
19th & 20th March and 1st & 2nd October

Location: Garstang, Lancashire


A two day limited attendance clinical and laboratory course with a live demonstration on a patient requiring replacement complete dentures made to resemble as closely as possible her original natural dentition. During the course various clinical and laboratory techniques will be demonstrated culminating in the fitting and testing of the new denture. In addition, participants will have hands-on exercises in setting teeth and contouring artificial gums. Because of the limited number of places on this course and the time available, it will be possible to demonstrate additional clinical and laboratory procedures in line with delegates interests and requirements. 

Finlay has dedicated a large part of his career to removable denture prosthetics and has worked with his in-house dental technician, Rowan Garstang, for 15 years. Finlay regards Rowan as one of the finest removable prosthodontic technicians in the world. During this extended course they will impart their clinical and technical expertise.

Topics covered during the course will include: initial consultation, construction of patient’s wish-list, primary and definitive impressions, casting of impressions, transfer of information to the laboratory, face and lip support, choosing and setting of the teeth, the use of photographic records in arranging the teeth, active participation of the patient, modification and characterisation of denture teeth for increased naturalism, assessing vertical dimension, occlusal and facebow records, transferring these records safely from the clinic to the  laboratory, setting up teeth in the laboratory, refining gingival contour and surface detail for natural appearance, the use of variegated internal colouring for gingival authenticity, flasking technique and remounting of the processed dentures onto articulated master casts, the suction denture technique, insertion procedures, occlusal refinement, denture hygiene instruction and aftercare, checking the initial result against the wish-list. The clinical and technical stages will be shown step by step, abundantly illustrated with photographs, videos, live demonstrations of techniques and detailed hand-outs. Lectures will form part of the course and will include the use of implants to stabilise removable prostheses. There will be time to discuss difficult or interesting cases brought by participants. 

This course will be of interest to dentists as well as current and prospective clinical dental technicians.

Aims, Objectives and Anticipated Outcomes 

By the end of the course the participants should have a better understanding of:

• Oral anatomy and gingival architecture.
• The optimal shape for complete dentures.
• Maximising retention, stability & support with complete dentures including the suction denture technique.
• Planning tooth position and lip support.
• Choosing and setting up teeth for a natural cosmetic and personal appearance.
• Denture occlusion, crossbite, overbites and overjets.
• Finding the occluding vertical dimension.
• Waxing up gums to replicate natural gingival anatomy.
• Applying Enigma Gingival Composite to custom colour the denture flanges.
• Avoiding speech problems with dentures.


£1395.00 + VAT per delegate

Fee includes refreshments , buffet lunch and Thursday’s course dinner

To book a place please contact our Education & Events Co-ordinator direct on 01462 703 633,

Freephone 0800 97 000 79 or email:

Dr Finlay Sutton 

MRD RCS Ed, PhD, FDS (Rest Dent)
RCS Ed. Registered Specialist in 
Restorative Dentistry, Prosthodontics,
Endodontics and Periodontics

Mr Rowan Garstang 

BSc Hons, HNC, OND Registered Dental Technician

Click here for a copy of the
2020 course brochure


Click here for a copy of the
2020 course programme

*The course programme is amendable to participants' preferences and the presenters discretion. This course is intended to be informal, flexible and interactive.

Places are limited so reserve your place(s) today by contacting the Schottlander Education & Events Co-ordinator
direct on 01462 704 633, Freephone 0800 97 000 79 or e-mail: