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Suitable for Dentists, CDT’s & Dental Technicians

With 7 hours enhanced cpd

I absolutely love providing partial dentures for my patients. I will show you how to make partial dentures function like “removable bridges” and prove that they are viable alternatives to dental implant supported restorations. In addition, I will demonstrate that a well designed and made partial dentures can have superior aesthetics over fixed restorations.  I will share with you the techniques and  methods Rowan Garstang (my dental technician) and I use to achieve predictable results with removable prosthodontics. We provide a special form of partial denture design which is based around a solid chassis (major connector) which splints mobile teeth and protects the periodontium of the remaining natural teeth  as much as possible. I will show you how I design and manage all combinations of missing teeth. As well as discussing tooth positioning and partial denture occlusion I will show you how I make superb impressions and record the occlusion using gothic arch tracing (in a live demonstration on a patient) enabling Rowan to make accurately fitting partial dentures.

This day is aimed at dentists, clinical dental technicians  and dental technicians consisting of a live patient  demonstration and lectures abundantly illustrated with step by step photographs and videos of all procedures

Aims, objectives & anticipated outcomes:

  • Increased professional satisfaction and rekindle your enthusiasm for partial dentures.
  • Making partial dentures as stable, comfortable and secure as possible.
  • A good understanding of a step by step design sequence.
  • Optimising the aesthetics of partial dentures.
  • Making accurate impressions of the hard & soft tissues for cobalt chromium castings.
  • Record occlusal relations accurately using gothic arch tracing.
  • Design partial dentures to limit periodontal damage.
  • Be able to adjust partial dentures, without compromising their fit.
  • Make partial dentures fit and work like removable bridges.
  • Have happier patients with improved outcomes.
  • Better communication with your dental technician.

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