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There is nothing that complements beautiful teeth so much as beautiful natural gingival colouring. The ideal restorative outcome is to reproduce the patient’s own gums with their individual nuances of shade. 

Beautiful, Tough & Durable
The Enigma Gingival Composite range has been developed using micro-hybrid glass fillers. It provides not just durability and beauty but  ease of handling and a superb smooth polish as well, adding beauty to the appliances you produce.

Colour Palette
A comprehensive system of of eleven paste shades and two flowable stains providing the full colour palette. This width of shades enables easy reproduction of most gingival pigmentation without the need to mix colours, speeding up the process and making it quick and predictable. Precise positioning of the required shades is facilitated. 

The Enigma Flowable Gingival Composite Stain used together with Enigma Gingival Composite enables you to highlight areas of intense colour, along the peripheral border and between eminences. These colours can impart a 3-dimensional appearance to the gingiva.

Vital & Easy to Polish
Because Enigma Gingival Composite has been developed using the latest  research into chairside composite materials, it has its own natural vitality.

Being a micro-hybrid it is non-sticky and easy to polish especially when the Schottlander Universal Polishing Wheel Super Fine (LBP-5) is used. The composite is placed and sculpted into position using the special Enigma instruments. No more attempting to control the position of a runny composite. Enigma Gingival Composite stays where you put it, ready for initial fixing with the light curing unit.

By the end of the presentation participants should better understand:
> Know how to wax up dentures correctly for processing in PMMA allowing space for composite build up.
> Be able to prepare the surface of processed dentures in preparation for composite application.
> Use correct application of PMMA bonder on surface.
> Apply and process gingival composites to provide anatomical and natural looking gum work with correct colouration.
> Understand the correct application thickness and processing time for composite.
> Be able to trim and polish composite to produce final high polished surface composite.
> Be able to make improved, natural looking dentures.

Venue: The Schottlander Training Centre, Letchworth Garden City, Herts SG6 2WD

2019 Dates:
  • Friday 3rd May: 9am to 1pm or 1 to 5pm  
  • Friday 13th September: 9am to 1pm or 1 to 5pm  


Course Fee: £75.00 +VAT per person (£90.00 inc. VAT)  

Reserve your place(s) today ...

Places are limited so please contact Adele Overton on email:, direct telephone 01462 704 633 or Freephone 0800 97 000 79 to reserve your place.

                  Stuart Marlow