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These busy and fast moving courses will teach delegates how to use recent advances in endodontic treatment to improve their patients’ clinical outcomes. They will be limited to 12 delegates each to ensure close supervision and opportunities to address dentists questions and concerns.  

The presenters will take the delegates through the principles and objectives of successful endodontic treatment, including the biological principles of canal preparation and its link to current thinking on irrigation and disinfection. 

You will see the limitations of previous thinking in endodontics, which assumed that canals were round and that their preparations should also be. You will learn how recent advances in NiTi metallurgy for the first time allow dentists to shape, finish and clean canals according to their true 3 Dimensional morphology. You will see how you can not only clean far more of the canal system without sacrificing root dentine, but also fill it with groundbreaking new Bioceramics. 

All of the course presenters are strong believers in four handed dentistry, and see their nurses active involvement as critical to the success of their endodontic treatments. We would therefore encourage delegates to attend the course with their nurses, with a fee of £30 for the first accompanying nurse.


 Aims, Objectives & Anticipated Outcomes

> Understanding the biological principles and objectives of successful endodontic treatment.
> Understanding why 3 Dimensional cleaning and filling of the canal can improve your clinical success rate.
> Learning about the new technologies behind the XP-endo range. Understanding how a single XP-endo Shaper file can instrument more of the canal more efficiently, generate less debris in the apical third and yet be less aggressive than traditional NiTi files.
> Learning about the clinical uses and outcomes with XP-endo Shapers and Finishers.
> Intensive hands-on training to help delegates successfully apply new technologies in practice.
> Understand how the new TotalFill Bioceramic materials change the philosophies of obturation and dealing with root repairs.

DENTIST COURSE FEE:  £125.00 + VAT per person (£150.00 inc. VAT per person). 

NURSE COURSE FEE (1st accompanying nurse):  £25.00 + VAT per person (£30.00 inc. VAT per person).  Prices include light refreshments.  

For further information please contact the Schottlander Education & Events Co-ordinator direct on 01462 704 633, e-mail:  or Freephone 0800 97 000 79